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With experience in operational and strategic roles in C-suites and on public and private boards, Intercepting Horizons advisors guide clients in navigating through fast, technology-driven changes, staying ahead of the curve, and improving the perceived value of our client's brands, offerings, and presence tied directly to sustainable profitable growth. 

Intercepting Horizons provides research and advice to boards and C-suites on sustainable profitable growth strategies that encompass organic expansion and M&A with a specific focus on perceived value enhancement. With a deep understanding of the impact of emerging and converging technologies, we help organizations stay ahead of the curve and succeed in rapidly changing markets.

Our unique value proposition lies in advising companies and organizations on the direction and timing of strategic decisions, recognizing that intercepting convergences on the horizon is key to capturing opportunities. From start-ups to global mid-caps, we leverage years of board, C-suite, and entrepreneurial experience to assist our clients in navigating change.

The Intercepting Horizons Difference


  1. Focus on sustainable growth: We specialize in profitable and sustainable growth strategies through organic expansion and M&A.

  2. Understanding the impact of technology: We have a deep understanding of how to evaluate the impact of emerging and converging technologies on businesses.

  3. Timing advice: We emphasize advising on the direction and timing of strategic decisions, which sets us apart from general strategy development consultants.

  4. Range of experience: We boast executive experience at scale serving boards, C-suites, and entrepreneurs, providing a unique perspective.

  5. Understanding the creation and economic impact of improving the perceived value of our client's brand and offerings. 


Whether you are a start-up or a global mid-cap, our experience serving boards, C-suites, and entrepreneurs gives us a unique perspective that enables us to help you navigate change and succeed,

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