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Innovation is Our Best Weapon in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Updated: May 22

The coronavirus pandemic is what some authors refer to as a ‘wicked’ problem. A problem that appears suddenly, that grows exponentially, and for which there are no prescriptive solutions. We have never experienced this before, so there is no playbook to guide us. This type of problem will become increasingly common in the Exponential Era – the times we are living now, where technological, societal, economic and environmental changes occur at such velocity and volume, that our linear thinking brains can hardly comprehend.

In such times, we need innovative solutions more than ever. We need the best minds in the world, from government agencies, universities and industry to come together and work cooperatively to identify creative ways to address this pandemic. Humans have shown tremendous resilience, adaptability and the capacity to innovate. This time won’t be different.

In an effort to make a small contribution and inspire creative thinking, we have worked with our partner Incubig to create a research report on the latest developments and patent applications for a vaccine and potential medication for Covid-19.

As you can see in the report, there are already efforts underway to accelerate clinical trials through ‘drug repurposing.’ We need more ideas like these. We hope this report will spark innovation that will help accelerate the search for a solution to this pandemic. Please feel free to download here or at and distribute to all who would like to make creative contributions.

Our purpose at Intercepting Horizons is to develop new methods and tools that enable the creation of effective strategies for anticipating and managing the technological, societal, economic and environmental changes we are experiencing in the Exponential Era. Please contact us if we can be of help in planning for and dealing with the wicked problems that you are facing in your business.

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