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AI - Predictive Analytics

We use AI-based predictive analytics technology to help our clients identify, monitor and intercept horizons that have an impact on their business.  We can predict not only what will have a potential impact to a client's business but also when.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence to generate insights that help our clients identify emerging technologies convergence, maturity, risks and opportunities. 


Our proprietary AI capabilities provide competitive analysis, identify market trends, discover patents, quantify risks, help guide investment decisions, segment customers, improve processes, and much more.

It all starts with data.  We apply the latest AI technologies to analyze private and public data in order to help you see and distinguish what is important and relevant out of the sea of scattered, noisy, hard to reach data.

Timing Analysis

Our timing analysis capabilities allow our clients to answer a very simple, but often difficult question: When?

Developed by a timing expert who spent decades studying, observing and researching timing, our timing analysis services help our clients define windows of risk and opportunities so that they are better prepared to act when the time is right.