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Phases I & II

America’s Seed Fund: SBIR/STTR Commercialization Support and Services by Intercepting Horizons,LLC

SBIR/STTR Services

Phases I and II Commercialization

Product/Technology IPAssessments, Competitive Evaluations, MarketAnalysis, Research Reports, Business Recommendations

Validation of Significant Features

  • Novelty assessment (IP)

  • Competing technologies review

  • Assessment of perceived value of the product or service

  • Customer interviews

Detailing the Competitive Landscape

  • Competitors

  • Major differentiators

Search & Review Research Publications

  • Primary and Secondary

  • Review for clusters

  • Key researchers

Cost of Ownership Modeling

  • Defining the units of measure (cost/per unit of value)

  • Creating/using cost of ownership models specific to the market

Identifying and Defining

  • Technology/Innovation market advantages

  • Impact on the current market

  • New market ecosystem potential

Providing Anticipated Competitive Environment Assessment at Launch

  • What other companies, technologies might enter,impact, or change the market space

Overview of the Intellectual Property Landscape

  • Freedom to operate

  • Gap analysis

  • Novelty comparison

  • Additional strategies

  • Picket fence building

  • Potential additional claims/patents

  • Exploration of additional areas for IPleverage

  • Licensing

  • Trade secrets

  • Recipes

  • Partnering

Depending on the size of your organization, and complexity of your products and services, we can discuss how we tailor the scope of our services to target the specific issues that are most critical to you

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