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Intercepting Horizons Services

Anticipating the Future

  1. Focus on sustainable growth: We specialize in profitable and sustainable growth strategies through organic expansion and M&A.

  2. Understanding the impact of technology: We have a deep understanding of how to evaluate the impact of emerging and converging technologies on businesses.

  3. Timing advice: We emphasize advising on the direction and timing of strategic decisions, which sets us apart from general strategy development consultants.

  4. Range of experience: We boast executive experience at scale serving boards, C-suites, and entrepreneurs, providing a unique perspective.

Intercepting Horizons is a professional group of highly respected and accomplished international executives and strategists with over 150 years of experience in the high-technology sector from startup to scale. We excel at finding the early signals, anticipating converging trends, building viable scenarios clients can expect to see, and identifying the possible timing and impacts on your business objectives, branding, and strategies.


Our team's extensive experience and leadership skills have earned us numerous accolades, including the IABC Excel Award for leadership in business. We have also delivered keynote speeches for various industry, academic, and business events, sharing our insights and expertise with a wide range of audiences.

As a third-party board and management advisory, we leverage our expertise to help your organization navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of technology and innovation. Our services center around four main areas:

Wouldn't You Like to Know What's Behind Door #3?


Strategy Development

Our team will work with your organization to develop a comprehensive technology and innovation game plan that aligns with your business development strategies. With our expertise in operations and strategy, we can help you anticipate converging trends and build viable scenarios that you can expect to see. One of our unique focus points is to identify when impacts on your objectives and business strategies might occur, ensuring that your organization stays ahead of the curve.


Mergers and Acquisitions

With decades of mergers and acquisitions experience under our belt, we are comfortable in navigating the complexities of these transactions. Our team can help your organization successfully manage mergers and acquisitions, from due diligence to integration using frameworks developed over time and experience to accelerate the return to newly combined productivity.


Leadership Development

We are committed to promoting strategic leadership, values, management training, innovation, and high-speed transitions. Our team can work with your organization to develop leadership programs that will help your team reach its full potential.


Education and Training

In addition to our corporate work, we remain involved in academia. Our team can work with your organization to develop customized industry courses that will help your team stay ahead of the curve.

Contact us today to learn how our expertise can help your organization thrive in the high-technology sector.

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